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(Interview originally conduced via email in January 2007)

I first came across Reh Dogg via Youtube and his groundbreaking "Why must I cry" music video. (Click here to watch!) Soon I discovered he had made many more videos as well, and I investigated them all. To me, Reh Dogg is one of those artist who is ahead of their time without even realizing it.

1. First off, myself and I believe possibly others reading, are wondering: Are you "for real"?

I get that question a lot. I have always been unique and different from everyone else. I do things the way i want to do them and people find it to be weird. Everything i do is for a specific reason. I think things through and I know where I'm headed and where I want to go. I am always in control. If I ever feel myself losing control of a situation i become very aggressive and i regain dontrol at once. With me it's either you love me or hate me. No inbetween.

i'll tell my video haters the same thing I told my music haters when I first came on the scene in 1999. I do this for myself. It's a stress reliever. Music is my daily journal. and if the whole world hated my music it wouldn't stop me from creating. The same goes for my videos. I tell my haters everyday i read the racist comments i get. Don't watch them. I'm not sure why racist people are drawn to my videos. Excuse my language but F#@k them all! So to answer your question i am real its my story to tell and if i want to do it in a humorous way who are you to stop me?

2. A song like "Totally Depressed" off the 'Blacken Chinese Man' album is really unique.. I don't think I’ve ever heard someone deliver rhymes while crying hysterically. Would you consider yourself avant-garde?

No not at all. It's just the way I am. I'm just different. i wouldn't change a thing about my style.

3. What is the most desperate thing you would do for an Asian woman?

LMAO I can't answer that question? I plead the fitfh

4. Who do you see as your competitors?

The whole world against me that's how i see it.

5. Explain the relevancy of the shots of you in the shower in the "Why must I cry" video?

Lot's of people ask me that and like I told jaxsn in his interview. he song was done when i was going through a very difficult time. i wanted the video to show me at my worse to capture the content of the lyrics. Based on question 5 I'll say this............

6. Do you like R Kelly?

i am just wondering what you are trying to say? i'm surprizrf you didnt ask me if I like MJ? r kelly is extremly talented. I love his music.

7. You released a religious album once, but since then your material has become a lot more aggressive and maybe even downright hateful [ie: "I Hate Your Friends"]. Was that just a phase?

Not a phase i was a born again christian but due to conflict in the church i was forced out and backslid. I'm not proud about it but it happend. and i hate your friends seems hateful but until you lived and walked in my shoes you have no idea what i went through.

8. True or False: "mo' money, mo' problems" ?

false for me money isnt the thing that inspires me to do what i do. I have specific reasons for everything i'm doing that i don't want to mention.

9. You're from CT. right? Do you plan on staying there or do you want to try and take your act to the big city?

I've lived in NYC for 2 years. i love to visit but i'm not going to live there again. i'm really not trying to go big but if it happens then i'll do what i gotta do. My fans are growing rapidly. much faster than the haters who are mostly racist.

10. Who films and directs your videos? How long does the process take from beginning to end?

It depends on the song. Take Why must I cry. theres no way i'm letting anyone film me naked in the shower. I used a tripod for 99 percent of my videos. shooting and editing,transferring etc takes roughly 5 days.

11. One thing I admire is the almost statuesque appearance you have in your videos while delivering your lyrics [as opposed to the typical over-emphasis on throwing your hands in the air like you just don't care]. Is this what separates Reh Dogg from the rest of the pack?

yes i don't even listen to mainstream rap. nor do i watch mtv or bet. I just don't like the way they do things. You might say i hate mainstream.

12. Please describe a typical day in the life of Reh Dogg.

It really depends on how I feel. But i'm usually llaidback. I like to start the day off by hitting the gym LOL i know my body doesnt show it. But i like to go in the hot tub relax and think about life. Then I'll jump in the steamroom. then i'll play some raquetball then shoot the basketball around. i really don't have any friends by choice cause most people suck. Then i hit my studio and work on music and videos. And i end the day by reading so so many emails from fans,haters, and other artists wanting to work with me. The onething i get from my fans is that I personally respond back to them. it takes me hours but i do it.

13. What do you have to say to the haters?

It depends if it's the racist haters F@%$ them
haters who think i suck and should stop what i'm doing. i tell them when you start paying my bills and buying my equipment then i'll quit.

14. What's next for you?

I'm headed to the virgin islands to shoot some more videos, i will try to do them different from my other ones.

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