Tuesday, April 13, 2010


(Interview originally conducted Fall 2004)

Dr. Randall Phillip is the creator of FUCK Magazine. You probably won't see it in stores, so do some research if you wanna find out more. I can say it's one of the most disturbing and bizarre publications I've ever encountered. Intrigued, I wanted to know more about the mind behind such a thing. Randall is also known amongst some in Philadelphia as "the guy that stole that head from the Mutter Museum". This interview was conducted via e mail. All typos were left intact.

01. Are you serious?

I am 1 million percent seriuos

02. What is the greatest obstacle facing you in your life right now?

I dont know that Id really call it an obsticle but I don’t seem to be all that popular with the ladies I could use some wider distribution

03. Describe your ideal day.

I wake up and someone asks me to describe my ideal day then I answer question and I go to the post office Nothing could be more perfect.

04. What do you remember about the year 1998?

I’m not too good with remembering years I don’t think it was so good

05. Your publication FUCK is one of the most extreme displays of hatred towards everyone and everything I've ever seen, but the newest issue is a bit tamer in comparison...it's more abstract and not so in-your-face. Have your views changed at all over time?

I should hope so I like to try things When a bee enters the bark an alligator may snap him up

06. Give me your thoughts on the following:

a. Television evangelists:

I enjoy watching them but their fakery is their downfall

b. Extraterrestrial lifeforms:

There is life on other planets We are just not advanced enough to perceive it

c. Garden gnomes:

They are too domesticated for me I prefer their cousins the trolls

d. Satan:

It is just a symbol that some people believe is real Depending on who draws Stan he can be cool looking

e. Mario Lanza:

I enjoyed singing duets with him against his will

06. You are a mysterious figure. Are the rumors true?

I dont want to start any mysterious humor but I think Ive got a sixth sense for rumors

Whered 7 go

08. So, did you really appear on the Jerry Springer Show? Did you really steal human body parts from a certain medical

No and yes and yo and nes

09. How do you make a living?

None of anybodys gaddamned business Kevin

10. You have mentioned in the past that two headed-parasitic twins leave you unimpressed.. and I quote 'I've seen weirder stuff than these two twats' . . . Could you please elaborate? Please give examples of some stuff weirder than these two twats that you have seen.

I have documented quite number of examples in my various publications Take for instance the deformed fetus on page 23 of Fuck vol 1 number 6 or the mutant child mercilessly exploited by me on page 99 of Fuck vol 1 number 10 I take a rest on my case

11. What's the next issue of FUCK going to be like? The last issue was a bit different from the others prior, as I stated before...

It too will be different from the odor of Richard Pryor Itll be EVEN smellier

12. Did you go to art school?

I went to fart cool

13. What do you think this world is coming to?

Issues of FUCK magazine

14. Do you think I should cut my hair?

You know I was thinking about that the other day when I was watching you sleep I thought to myself “He should really cut his hair”

15. Tell the people about your new CD "Shiggy Diggy Dee".

Shiggy Diggy Dee is a bitch of different stuff I fucking recorded at different times Most of the tender love songs were recorded in my room with overpriced crap from Radio Shack Some other tracks on Shiggy Diggy Dee were more professionally fucked at Deaf American with the aids of anal sex from Rich Hoak I am very humble when I say that it is a work of genius

16. One thing I truely admire about this recording is that I can't detect any specific "musical influences". It's a very individual piece of work.

Thank you Thank you very much Thanks youre nice Thank

17. "Then a fish swallowed him and a bigger fish swallowed that one" is probably the best song title I've seen in many years.

And so it is

18. What was the inspiration to create the music which comprises "Shiggy Diggy Dee". Any plans for a follow

I like to play and have fun Im always game for doing with other people there can be a follow up before I die

19. I can't tell by listening to this record what kind of music you listen to. Name some recording artists you enjoy.

I listen to the king of earth Branford Marsalis Cunt Gordon Lightfoot says the frigging sometimes I think its a sin when I feel like Im winning when Im losing again

20. You also put out a 'zine called Rabies focusing on horror/monster movies. What are some of your favorite movies of that genre?

ZAAT (aka The Blood Waters of Dr Z) Scorpion Thunderbolt Winterbeast Night Train to Terror War of the Robots Its Alive

21. Are there any other 'zines or writers out there that you are a fan of?

I like comic books House of Secrets and tales of Voodoo

22. Who's the boss?

There aint no boss nowhere

23. Plans for the future?

A new fantastic issue of FUCK is at the printers for everyone to look at I will buy a video camera and make a movie

24. What kind of movie are you planning to make?

I will make FUCK magazine talk and come to life

25. How will you feel when I move out?

I will feel sad
we can still send each other stupi emails


  1. I sat on his knee one time and trust me he is a shock value pussy. Shut this Bitch up.

  2. Amusing, entertaining interview.