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(Interview originally conducted Fall 2004)

Peacemaker is the "higher-power electronics" creation of musician Richard Hoak. I got together with Rich to find out more, being a big fan of drone/noise music, myself.

I’m here with Richard Hoak aka Peacemaker... So you were originally called Jesus Wept... why the name change?

RH: Peacemaker has always been the purpose of our activities.

Explain the philosophy behind Peacemaker and your inspiration to start such a thing.

RH: Uh... Peace... Peacemaker is a transformational, harsh-noise, higher-power electronics experiment.

What made you wanna start this project, though?

RH: (Long uncomfortable silence)

What was your inspiration to start this is what I’m asking...

RH: The inspiration for Peacemaker is to spread the message of the end of the struggle against entropy. True peace.

When was the last time Peacemaker went to church?

RH: (long pause) 1984.

Do you worship at home then?

RH: (long silence)

Do you worship... Who do you worship?

RH: Um.... Wwww... (sighs). Peacemaker seeks to raise up a joyful noise for the purpose of reaching a peaceful state. A state of mind and a state of consciousness, AND state of consciousness. There ARE 18 types of voidness and we explore them all.

Who’s Dr. Nochols and how did you meet him?

RH: I met Dr. Nochols on Easter Sunday morning 1991 in Huntsville, Alabama. At that time we exchanged information and have been in contact since that time regarding the activity of making peace here in the world. Peace IS the victory.

So, Dr. Nochols, from what I understand, makes his own music himself and sends it you? Or sends you... drawings of things, you have a lot of correspondences with him through the mail and phone....

RH: The information that we receive from Dr. Nochols is used as a source of inspiration and as a source of knowledge and power in peace-making activities.

So, would you say Dr. Nochols is the inspiration to start Peacemaker?

RH: No, I would not say that.

Ok... will Peacemaker be performing live? If so, what’s it gonna be like?

RH: Peacemaker will be performing live on July 15. We’ve been invited by the prestigious University of Pennsylvania to perform a peace-making service for them. Peacemaker will also tour Japan in July and August of the year 2005. At which time we will bring our peace-making activities to the Japanese people… and we already received an awesome response from those people.

Why the cover of Sonny James “On the Wings of a Snow White Dove”?

RH: Uh..... (long pause) Um..... (long pause)

Where did you hear this song first of all?

RH: This song has been a radio hit in the United States since the mid-60's and I’ve always heard it on the radio. We chose to cover this song ‘cause we find it’s populist sentiments complimentary to the peace-making activities.

Ah... does Peacemaker believe in sex before marriage? Or are they against it?

RH: (thinking) We don’t find those matters related to our peace-making activity. I’m sorry, we don’t those matters RELEVANT to our peace-making activity.

What are Peacemaker’s views on the following:


RH: No opinion.


RH: No opinion.


RH: We are primarily concerned with peace-making activities.


RH: No opinion.

You also play in Total Fucking Destruction. This band I don't think is concerned with peace, I would say it's quite the opposite ... destruction. Is Peacemaker a reaction against what you do in TFD?

RH: (silence)

Do you feel like you need it in your life to balance yourself?

RH: The entire body of art that I present to the world is wholelistic.

You've already released two Peacemaker records this year. What's next for Peacemaker?

RH: There will be.. Peacemaker will contribute 78 minutes of material to fill one CD of an 8 CD compilation of harsh noise, power electronic, underground music, compilation box set. Also, there will be a CD and DVD release of Peacemaker live in Japan. Those are the only releases on the schedule. There are new mediations under construction at this time and they will be released in public as soon as possible.

Are you gonna release these yourself? Do you think Peacemaker will ever seek the help of a label to spread your message or are you determined to do this yourself?

RH: Any person or organization can commit themselves to peace-making activities. Any like-minded individuals should feel free to get in touch.

Contact Peacemaker at: rich666@voicenet.com

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